Already since 2002, the goal of the “The Gambian Children First” Charity is to contribute to the education and development of teenagers in Gambia (West Africa) in order to increase their chance of finding paid work and getting a better life. We mainly concentrate on girls from very poor families. Indeed, the level of development in developing countries appears to increase fastest if young women and therefore future mothers are educated and enabled to support themselves. They deserve a chance to build an independent life.

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As education is not compulsory in Gambia, many young girls do not go to primary school. It is therefore not self-evident that they follow vocational training. Allowing talented girls to follow a course lasting two to three years at a skill centre gives them the opportunity to learn a trade. However, this form of education is not free in Gambia.
While it is true that the Gambian government checks the quality of schools, it does not give grants.

Our charity is one of the few relief organisations to concentrate on the sponsoring of students in skill centres. Since the start of the school year 2015-2016, we provide support to 59 students in skill centres.  [read more…Skill centres]

The “The Gambian Children First” charity offers students the chance to follow a vocational training course to become seamstress, administrative assistant, bookkeeper,  carpenter, car mechanic, secretary, etc. But they also learn to stand up for themselves and receive education on contraception and hygiene.

Our charity pays the school fees for these girls, who are so eager to learn (± 150 euros per year).
They can follow a training that lasts two to three years. They learn a trade after which they can start working in a hotel (where they can do administrative work or work in the kitchen) or start their own sewing shop. [read more… Donation]

The board of the charity attaches great value to financial transparency. It has to be clear to anyone and especially to donors how the charity spends the donations it receives. Annual accounts and reports can therefore be downloaded from this website. [read more… Annual reports]

We go for Girl Power!