Taku Legaye

  • SkillCenter Taku Legaye (Gambia)

The school, the origins of which can be found in the Women’s Movement, was founded in 2002. Its 170 pupils, 95% of which are women, focus on the hotel and catering industry, which gives them a significant chance to find a job. Taku Legaye offers courses on hotel management & catering and secretarial work. Quality improvement continues to be a major point of attention. To this effect, the team continues to receive education in close collaboration with the NTA, and the policy and rules of the school have been toughened. Besides, the school has started a partnership with the prestigious Coco Ocean Hotel and the Baobab Resort. Students can do their internship in these hotels.

The school conveys a sound impression. The organisation of the school is transparent. Teachers and pupils are very motivated and have great success.